Aqua Pontoon Series

The Aqua concrete series pontoon is a more heavy weight piled pontoon system that can be installed in all situations from the quietest canal to main river with heavy boat traffic.

The concrete top version has an optional “Dry Berth” which allows a vessel up to 2 Tonne to be moored on top of the pontoon (size & weight conditions apply).

The dry berth pontoon has a cut out or scollop at one end to make an easier accent onto the pontoon.

The Aqua Pontoon Series are constructed with the highest grade materials starting from the concrete deck right through to the floatation system.

  • Custom made concrete deck
  • Average 125mm thick concrete deck
  • Optional round or squared corners (no charge)
  • Polystyrene void wrapped in HDPE liner
  • Complete parameter beams for extra strength (average 200mm [H] x 150mm [W])
  • Custom made concrete deck
  • Average 125mm thick concrete deck
  • Independent engineer guarantee
  • Council approvals
  • Designed and built to Australian standards
  • CAD drawings provided prior to council submission for approval by client
  • Wide range of accessories available
  • Ideal for canals or main river with heavy duty pile brackets.
  • 3 year warranty
Cable Pontoons Aqua Pontoons

Cable Pontoons

Using a truss like system for the deck the light weight series is extremely strong, layered over the truss is aluminium sheeting to which the carpet is then fixed onto. Using only quality materials and no timber the light weight series has an extremely long life expectancy.

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Piled Pontoons Aqua Pontoons

Piled Pontoons

A piled pontoon is fixed in place using anywhere from 1 pile to 4 commonly for domestic pontoons, there are a few different types of piles that can be used. More information on In-situ PVC and Spun Concrete Piles on the Aqua Pontoons website including finance options.

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Strut Pontoons Aqua Pontoons

Strut Pontoons

A strut pontoon uses an aluminium strengthening beam to hold the pontoon back to land along with using the gangway as a support. This system is well suited for quiet canals and dams and offers a cheaper alternative to the in-situ pile.

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